“If there are no easy answers there are still available and discoverable hard answers…” – Phil Edwards, 1999

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Ever wanted to know how great things happen?  Well this blog will show you!  It is a cohesive journal of My National Prison Journal Project from beginning to end.

Browse around, see what I’m doing. Click on the titles to get there quickly:

Daily Doings

This is my “daily” journal – the nitty-gritty of all the discoveries I make, research and technology!

The Research

The heart of my project.  The area is broken down into sections as I find out more and more information.  All of my findings are discussed in a manner pertinent to My NPJP.

The People

Another vital organ! Those behind bars are people too!   This area is broken down into sections as well.  There are tons of numbers and reports and then there is the all important information about the separate populations of men, women, youth and those left outside.


Yep, really true stories about real people affected by the system. Insiders and outsiders.  Soon I hope to have video interviews.  Making the previously unheard heard is the most important part of this mission.

The Publication

This is my first publishing venture and this section goes through everything I learn about publishing a very widely circulated journal.  The current US population behind bars is around 2 million.

The Institutions

Studying the actual facilities and how they are run is integral.  This is the only way to uncover possible restrictions that will need to be overcome and how to get mass buy-in for distribution.  Also, it is another way to identify valuable content for the journal.

The Business

I’ve had businesses before but this one is unique.  The shape it takes will greatly impact how it is run, funding and reception.  This area is as important as any of the others and will required extensive investigation and consultation.


A public shout out to those you have lent me invaluable help on this journey.

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