Links are RELATIONSHIPS – The Power of the Link

December 8, 2010 § 3 Comments

How a request for a link removal opened me up to the power of this medium I am using.

Here’s how it all started:  Remove my link…

Now what I am learning…

The MUSTS to take away from The Power of the Link :

Outgoing Links

  • are my referrals to my readers
  • are saying I like this a lot, you may too!
  • are encouraging people leave my site to read something else

Incoming Links – who is referring me

  • provide content good enough that readers will want to refer you!

Intrasite Links

  • me sharing more of my content – connecting the dots for readers – provide background for complete information.
  • allow search engines to crawl deeper into my site

Blog Rolls & Link Lists

  • are permanent referrals by me – must be trustworthy!


  • connect my posts to my readers and their audiences – a show of trust!

Link Etiquette

December 7, 2010 § 4 Comments

I had no idea!

This is my first blog and I had absolutely no idea that there was a process for linking to websites!  I know it’s funny, but I was horrified to know that I had transgressed in some way towards an organization I admired.  So, full of guilt,  I went on a search spree to find out what the correct way to link was.

Needless to say, opinions differ greatly.  I’m assuming there could be more concern about my blog because I have a very particular goal I am working towards.  Organization affiliation could be presumed with that goal could be, well, presumed – and I guess detrimental in some way.  Maybe when NPJP becomes a real entity, not just an idea…

It’s interesting that this happened, because just yesterday I contacted a professor at GWU and I referred to myself as the “lil ‘ole undergraduate with a great idea.”  He promptly contacted me back expressing an understanding and agreed to helping me come up with a list of benefits in a more academic vernacular.  Somewhere, my “status” may actually play a part in this journey.  Hopefully not, but…

Anyway, here is what I found on the linking:

ProBlogger – The Etiquette of Linking

Essentially, give credit where it’s due – in full.  Make sure it’s clearly recognizable that the content is not originally yours.

Lorelle – You Do Not Need Permission to Link

Really focused on what I have here – a blog.  I’m guessing there is a difference between a website and a blog?  The fine line, which I’m guessing comes from perception, is what Lorelle discusses below:

” Should you ask permission to link to someone on your blogroll or otherwise? Maybe. It depends upon what you are going to do with that link. Blogroll links are recommendations, encouraging visitors to follow the sites you recommend. If they don’t want your recommendation, you probably don’t want them on your list.

However, if you are using a link to their blog or website in a way that makes you money, takes money away from them, or exploits their site for your own benefit, then I recommend you get permission as the perspective on the outgoing link has changed.”

I am so confused!

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