1. Cultural Cognition and Public Policy
  2. A Warden Speaks Out About Prison Reform
  3. Stuart Hall – Representation & The Media
  4. Starting a Non Profit Organization
  5. 8 Alternatives to Starting a Nonprofit
  6. The Hard Sell
  7. Women In Prison Magazine
  8. Banned in Texas Prisons
  9. The Penal State in an Age of Crisis
  10. TRANSCRIPT: Hip-Hop (Abridged) – Beyond Beats & Rhymes
  11. Let’s Get Free:  A Hip-Hop Theory of Justice
  12. Dirty Snow
  13. Doing Time on the Outside: Incarceration and Family Life in Urban America
  14. Predicting Post-Release Academic Achievement
  15. From Unlearning to Learning: A Critical Process in Transformational Change
  16. Inside Time
  17. Public Sphere Guide
  18. The Use of Media in Constructing Identities in the Masculine Environment of Men’s Prisons
  19. Key Themes in Media Theory
  20. Understanding Media
  21. An Investigation into the Mass Communication Consumption in a Closed Male Young Offenders Institution
  22. The Perceived Role of Mass Media Use during Incarceration in the Light of Prisoners’ Re-entry into Society
  23. Young Men of Color in the Media: Images & Impacts
  24. the civilizing process and the janus-face of modern punishment
  25. Exploding Crime? Topic Management in Central American Newspapers
  26. Understanding white collar crime
  27. The ambivalent consequences of visibility: Crime and prisons in the mass media
  28. Commodification of Offenders: Prison Industrial Complex

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