The National Prison Journal Project is my project.  Soon, I hope it will be a project of many.

It is the achievable goal of  ONE periodical (I’m thinking a magazine on newsprint) distributed to the entire incarcerated population of the United States.   For those familiar with the unique issues facing the incarcerated, they will understand the value of this type of publication to those inside the walls, outside of the walls and that very invisible population of those in between.

The Journal is a whole new approach.

  • The Journal will not be a plethora of legal issues, advice and criminal justice articles and statistics.
  • The Journal will not form alliance with one cause, one faith, one ideology.
  • The Journal will not view its audience as unable or unworthy of understand complex issues.  We expect more of them, they expect more of themselves.
  • The Journal will put more cracks in the wall created between the people on outside and in.
  • The Journal will impress accountability as a vital ingredient of self transformation by giving voice to the victims of crime and the families left behind, for all to read.
  • The Journal will bring research to another level, by giving access to the entire population for enquiry.
  • The Journal will give substance to those voices unheard, providing us with unfathomable resources to MAKE change happen.
  • The Journal will CAUSE the conversations we are not having to happen, by putting the incarcerated population in the public eye.

Take a look around and check back often!

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