Links are RELATIONSHIPS – The Power of the Link

December 8, 2010 § 3 Comments

How a request for a link removal opened me up to the power of this medium I am using.

Here’s how it all started:  Remove my link…

Now what I am learning…

The MUSTS to take away from The Power of the Link :

Outgoing Links

  • are my referrals to my readers
  • are saying I like this a lot, you may too!
  • are encouraging people leave my site to read something else

Incoming Links – who is referring me

  • provide content good enough that readers will want to refer you!

Intrasite Links

  • me sharing more of my content – connecting the dots for readers – provide background for complete information.
  • allow search engines to crawl deeper into my site

Blog Rolls & Link Lists

  • are permanent referrals by me – must be trustworthy!


  • connect my posts to my readers and their audiences – a show of trust!

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§ 3 Responses to Links are RELATIONSHIPS – The Power of the Link

  • Very good. Except, intrasite links are “internal links” that are links you make to link to your own content. Inter-site links are links between sites, though a word rarely used. Except for that detail, you are on the right track! Good work!

    I teach people that a link is a recommendation, in a way, a referral. And to help you learn a little more, a comment on another site or social network is a mini resume. It says a lot about who you are, what you think, and invites people to visit your site and learn more about who you are and what you do and say. Treat links and comments as precious gems.

    Good luck!

  • npjproject says:

    Thank you. I’ve updated it and linked back to our other conversation! Awesome!

    Question: How do get my blog seen if I’m not linking all day and all nite. This is what so many of us hear….link link link…but I like your concept of being particular & I also want people to see what I have to say!

    Can you provide me a link to one of your articles? ;}

  • You got the links to the articles from the other post, right? That’s the joy of following a conversation across posts.

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